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Inner Circle Gold Coach David Sanchez's Biography
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Dave has been investing in single-family rehab and resale properties as well as commercial properties for over 30 years. A retired Firefighter, Dave has also been a business owner and has over 30 years of contracting experience. He specializes in Value Add Properties.

Dave looks for and acquires properties that are non-performing. With improvements to the property and management changes, it may be possible to increase the value on a property by hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. One of the properties has been increased by about 300% or $1,000,000. Dave’s has acquired approximately 1,200 units and mixed use over the last years. Some properties were 100% vacant and in need of complete remodel.

Dave prefers class C Apartment Buildings in the Midwest to the Southeast United States. Dave and his partners own units in 9 states now but will look at deals in most states.

Dave is also a Gold Coach and Mentor for Apartment Mentors and other investors, along with being a licensed commercial broker.

Dave along with his partners and associates own the following:

  • Has been investing in single-family rehab and resale properties as well as commercial properties for over 30 years.
  • Over 30 years of contracting experience
  • Owns 32 units Panama City, Florida. February 2019
  • Owns 180 units, mixed use multifamily Los Lunas, NM January 2019
  • Owns 12 units in Las Cruces June 2018
  • Owns 60 units in Burlington, Iowa. CV 2,000,000 HUD June 2018
  • Owns 119 units in Burlington Iowa. CV $4,800,000
  • Owns 74 units in Omaha Nebraska (value play).  CV $2,600,000
  • Owns 108 units in Sioux City, Iowa. CV $4,800,000
  • Owns 100 units in Macon, Georgia. CV $2,800,000 Freddie Mac
  • Owns 55 units in Enid, Oklahoma. CV $1,700,000
  • Owned a 53 unit in Topeka, Kansas. CV $1,350,000 Sold 2018
  • Owns a 100 unit in Longview, Texas. CV $5,500,000 Freddie Mac 
  • Rehabbed, and owns a 94 unit in Emporia, Kansas (100% vacant at time of purchase, currently 5% vac.) CV $3,200,000
  • Rehabbed, and owns an 80 unit in Emporia, Kansas. CV $2,400,000
  • Rehabbed, managed, and owned a 16 unit in Burlingame, Kansas, (90% vacant at time of purchase). sold October 2015    $350,000
  • Rehabbed, owned, and manages a 23 unit in Stratton, Colorado (100% vacant at the time of purchase, currently 0% vacancy).CV $720,000 SOLD
  • Rehabbed, owned, and managed units in Garden City, CO SOLD 2014
  • Owns and Manages single family homes and duplex (sold) in Colorado   
  • Has owned two Property Management Companies
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